Saturday, February 03, 2007

Persona Non Grata

One of the most common quotes I heard today was "Why are you still here?"  Apparently after a grandiose ceremony this morning where my commander gave me an award and I made a nice little farewell speech, people are surprised to see me coming in the office occasionally.  I did have a few final things to do, and am addicted to checking my work email just in case someone hasn't gotten the word that I've been replaced.
I did spend a good portion of the day waiting in line at the post office, having completed the second of the two categories of packing.  I'm taking advantage of free postage from APO boxes to FPO boxes, sending a footlocker of stuff to one of my friends who is the Executive Officer on a ship in San Diego.  (He was my roommate during my deployment two years ago, for those who remember those emails!)  I'll be visiting there within a week of going home and can just pick it up then.  It's all unimportant stuff, and saved me about $40 in shipping!
Originally I was supposed to fly out tomorrow, but that flight was cancelled.  Fortunately for me, I expected that cancellation and have booked backup flights the next two days.  So I'll hang out tomorrow with absolutely nothing to do.  Well, except make the final packing decision on what to carry home and what to leave here in Iraq, to my replacement's benefit (although he'll have to put up with a roommate for one more day).


Adriel said...

Safe travels home!

Godspeed and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your days as a short-timer. Safe travels and all best wishes to you and your family.


obgirl042 said...


Thank you for your blog posts, your humor and most of all, your service. Your blog helped so much for my early days of this deployment and I've enjoyed going back to it daily. I'm so happy for you now that you are heading home!! Wishing you fair winds and following seas always.


Anonymous said...

How exciting for you to be coming home. Thank you for the posts and the conections to other blogers.It has been part of my day to check up on all of you.
Thank you all for your service and may your travels be blessed.