Thursday, February 01, 2007

Right Seat/Left Seat

In the standard Army Relief In Place/Transfer Of Authority (RIP/TOA) process, they generally refer to two phases, "Right Seat" and "Left Seat" rides.  The analogy would be driving training.  You spend the first portion of the turnover process in the right seat, observing the more experienced person in the left (driver's) seat.  Then, about halfway through, you switch places.  The new person takes over in the left seat, with the more experienced person available in the right seat for some last-minute mentoring before departing.
I'm about halfway through my own turnover process with my replacement, and we executed our equivalent of the Right Seat/Left Seat swap today, as we moved files back and forth between our computer systems and he took over my desk (and my seat).  I'm now relegated to "guest" status in my own office, and have to reluctantly sit back and let him take charge of what was, up until now, my job.  Daily routines really get drilled into you over here (the only sane way to pass the time) so it takes a real mental effort to step back away from them.  But time marches inevitably forward, and it's time to let someone else have the fun and immense job satisfaction that I've had for nearly a year.

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