Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

Happy Halloween!  I’m getting reports of the fun back home and what costumes the kids are wearing (or are refusing to wear, in the younger one’s case) and that’s a good thing.  More importantly, the calendar is turning over to a new month, one in which I’ll spend a lot of time at home on R&R.  I’m very excited.  We’re to the point of finalizing vacation plans, making reservations, and other fun stuff.


Work is keeping me busy, which is only helping time fly by even faster.  I’m actually getting a lot accomplished.


Chuck Norris was here tonight signing autographs.  Since I’m not really that big a fan, I decided to skip out on the signing, although I did see him from across the room, and consider that enough.  The guys in our group’s karate class all took their belts to get them autographed… if I took a martial arts class I would probably have done that as well.


Rumor around here is they’re renaming tomorrow from “All Saints Day” to “Chuck Norris Day”.  Go figure.

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