Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Glow in the Dark

One thing about the Army Combat Uniform (grey, digital camouflage) is that it’s hard to see.  By design, of course.  People spent a lot of time and money developing something that’s hard to see.  Which, of course, makes it dangerous to walk around in the dark on a dimly lit base.  At some point, someone in the chain of command has decided that we all need to wear highly reflective belts when walking around outside at night.  I think this has been the policy for a while, but only recently are they actually cracking down on it.  It’s amusing seeing someone in subdued grey tones with a bright, shiny yellow belt draped over their shoulder.


Along with the darkness comes the cold.  I really noticed the difference between when I left for R&R, and still had to run my air conditioner, and when I returned, where the heater is running full time.  I’ve been spending some time trying to find the right balance between too hot and too cold (good thing I’m not a porridge taster!) and think I’ve arrived at the right setting.  My floor, exposed to the outside, is still a bit cold and I’m glad I had the forethought to purchase a rug earlier on.


I finally had an opportunity to watch last Thursday’s Broncos-Chiefs game, which was replayed tonight on AFN.  I wasn’t able to watch it at home on Thanksgiving (perhaps mercifully so) because it was televised on a subscription-only cable channel!  Who made that decision?  At least AFN was able to get the game.  Now we just need to see more winning!

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