Thursday, November 02, 2006

November Surprises

Moods were generally upbeat today (which I will share despite the blogging policy saying I’m not supposed to discuss morale!  Bah!) primarily because it was a new month.  While it was also a payday, most people were celebrating the change of the calendar more than the money in the bank, which we have very little to spend on out here.  I’m sure my wife back home is enjoying the funds, though!


We are all amused at the back-and-forth of the political attacks as the election back home enters its final week.  Today, of course, the topic of discussion was Senator Kerry’s mangled dig at Bush that ended up sounding like he was calling the troops stupid.  Not many troops cared that much… most had given up listening to Kerry back in 2004.  Still, it was something to muse about over lunch.


We’re all looking forward to the November Surprise this week.  Will we finally reveal that we have actually captured Osama?  Or that we discovered where the WMD are?  Stay tuned to your local stations.  Just blank out the commercials.

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