Saturday, January 13, 2007


I had been remarking to someone at lunch today how Monday would be Payday. Not that I’m waiting on more money to spend, it’s just one more way of marking time. I realized later that we actually got paid today (Friday) since Monday is a federal holiday. Not that we’ll get the day off or anything, of course. It will be just another Monday for us.

Speaking of marking time with paydays, this was a really good one! If all works according to plan, this should be my last payday in Iraq! The bad news is, the difference in my paycheck from the last one of 2006 is paltry. I never realized just how low that 2.2% pay raise was until I see the numbers coming in much as they were before. Oh, well. At least when I get home and start having taxes withheld again, I’ll have another exemption which should improve things.

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