Thursday, January 25, 2007

So close I can taste it

I mentioned in a previous post that the menu at the DFAC rotates on a 20-day cycle. I realized today that I have less than 20 days left of eating Army food! That brings a whole new meaning to experiencing the same meals I’ve had for nearly 300 days previous. I can look at that glob of noodles and tomato sauce I had for lunch that they claim is lasagna, and savor it as the last time I’ll have to eat it! Or at dinner, hope that this is the last T-bone steak that I will attempt (unsuccessfully) to cut with a plastic knife. Mmm. I’m already coming up with the list of restaurants I want to visit after returning to the real world.

I’ve continued to procrastinate preparing for my relief’s arrival, but time is running short, so I really should get focused on that soon. With luck, I’ll also be able to sell him the TV and some other comfort Items I’ve picked up to make my stay here more comfortable. And he won’t make me reassemble the bunk bed I took apart. There are some advantages to turning a room directly over to someone instead of having to vacate it and get it inspected.

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Tony said...

I have been following since day one primarily because my son is about 60 days behind your deployment. We communicated shortly after your most popular posting regarding "going outside the wire". At that time you sent me an e-mail because I could not figure out how to respond to the blog or responses were being blocked.

I really appreciate your daily notes as it fills in the info I get from my son and adds a little extra color to the picture.

Thanks for your service.

The 2 new guys, Wire & Desert, will carry me through the next 60 days. Thanks again.