Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easing back in

After the weekend off, I was a bit worried that resuming the daily routine of the previous week would be tough. But it was actually a very easy day. It started out early enough with PT, of course, but the running was individually-paced interval training, and actually felt good after 4 days without it. I must really be being converted to Army ways if I'm complimenting PT. Then the rest of the day was spent in classroom training, the morning covering first aid, and the latter mostly on land navigation (i.e., how to read maps instead of charts). There will be a practical exercise on Thursday where we get to navigate to a few way points using only a compass and pacing out our steps. Should be fun! Speaking of fun, tomorrow afternoon is our scheduled time to shoot the heavy weapons. Will be nice to try blowing a few things up. I'm glad I have good earplugs. We finished before 5pm, a very reasonable hour. I found myself tempted to complain about having too much time in the evening without anything to do! But I don't expect it to repeat itself too often. People are starting to organize their bags to prepare for our flight over. I keep thinking about doing that, and then I keep deciding I'll do it later. I just hope I'll have time on Friday. That's it for today. Off to read a book!

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