Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Size Fits All

Yikes. It's already 10:30 pm, and "lights out" was a half hour ago. But I just had to do my daily email check. PT this morning was indeed "stepped up" from the first day, which included a two mile run. Fortunately they split us up into three groups, a fast, medium, and (I was in this one) slow group. I can't believe I actually ran two miles without dying. I must be getting into shape carrying all this gear around. It's interesting how the gear affects you. In the morning my shoulders and back were fine, but my ankles were sore from all the weight. By the end of the day my feet felt just fine but my shoulders were sore. The stuff does grow on you. And you really learn to appreciate just walking around in a shirt. I've determined the way the Army does business is they take a whole group of people to do an evolution, and then you all sit there and wait until everyone is done. We did get a lot done today, but there was also a lot of waiting for the last few people to finish up each task. In the morning we got to shoot blanks at a close range "reactive fire" target. They suggested this is probably the way we'll actually have to shoot if we ever get into trouble. In the afternoon, we went to a really cool electronic rifle training simulator. They have air pressure hoses hooked up, lasers to track where you're pointing the muzzle, and a simulated qualification round of fire. I really learned a lot about firing, and did quite well at the closer ranges. I'm sure I'll have no problem qualifying. Don't think I'll do well enough for the "Expert" medal. One reason we're up so late is because we're slow in learning the lessons of weapon accountability. Not we as in all 200 of us, but there are always a few issues with people that end up with someone else's weapon and it takes a long time to sort it out. I think people are getting the message. Anyway, off to get some sleep so I can do my best on tomorrow's rifle qualification! Our first chance to use live ammunition! Woo!

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