Sunday, April 16, 2006

One bad thing about ACUs

So I mentioned in an earlier post a wonderful feature of the Army Combat Uniform (ACU): lots of pockets. Including some little pen/pencil pockets on the left sleeve. Unfortunately, those pockets conceal a pen so well, it's easy for one to forget to empty that pocket before one does laundry. Washing all of one's uniforms at once. And then one has a heart attack when one sees ink spots on some clothes when he opens the washer. Ack! Fortunately, a close inspection reveals that only one t-shirt suffered the brunt of the pen's damage, and there's a tiny, easily-hidden-in-the-camouflage spot on one of the tops. Whew! Lesson learned. It's been a relaxing weekend. Back to reality tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

HAppy Easter Dan-

Hope you had a great day with some time to reflect and worship.

Watch out for those pens!