Friday, April 07, 2006


I'm enjoying some time off halfway between Norfolk and Fort Jackson, but noticed a few things I needed to update. First off, I've added a link to the 2005 Navy Year in Review. It's a great slide show of things the Navy did last year, including Tsunami relief, Katrina/Rita assistance, and many other missions all over the world. It's about 7 minutes long. I never answered the question about what NMPS stood for: It is the Navy Mobilization Processing Site. It is where all mobilized Navy reservists pass through on their way to active duty; but it's also now being used for Active Duty sailors on Individual Augmentation orders. I've been informed that the Latin of my new squadron motto, word-for-word, would read "If air control, victory." Given our EW mission, some of the others were speculating that it means "If you control the airwaves, you win." Or something like that. Signing back off to enjoy my last bit of leave in a long time!


Talisa aka Sue said...

Take care of yourself Dan, and your family. We are going to miss you in homestead Clandestine and hope all goes well for you. We wish you luck...

Talisa Darken and the Cland crew.

Anonymous said...

You do realise that opening a velcroed pocket during the still of the night, makes far more noise than opening a buttoned pocket.
I hope they teach you that aspect of grunt fighting as well : Silence is a friend.