Sunday, April 23, 2006

Eastward Bound

Finally, after 3 weeks of preparation and training, it's time to head over to the desert. It's a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I'm looking forward to finally getting to the nuts and bolts of my job, but also nervous about the uncertainties of going to a new place. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning, and since it's a military flight, we'll end up having to spend an overnight somewhere along the way so the pilots can rest. It will be a few days until I arrive in Kuwait, where I'll pop in and give you an update on the trip. Then I'll be off to the desert for a few days of advanced training before the final trip into Iraq. The good news about this training is it will be "on the clock". Once I arrive "boots on ground" in Kuwait, I should be headed back home within 365 days (unless the Secretary of Defense personally says otherwise!) Signing off for the last time in the USA for a long time...


Kevin said...


Your in an army uniform??? did they run out of navy cammies?


Anonymous said...

I hope the 365 days go buy fast!
Be safe and may God bless you.