Saturday, April 22, 2006

Liberty Call!

Quick post, so I don't hold up my friends on a night on the town. Our training at Fort Jackson is now complete. As I feared, the "Graduation PT run" was about 2 1/2 miles, but I managed to keep up the whole way (at an admittedly slow pace). I guess I'm in better shape than I give myself credit for. Still, it was nice to know that was the last long run for a long time. I had planned on spending the evening and tomorrow packing my bags (since our departing flight isn't until Sunday), but my procrastinating tendencies were thrown for a loop when they announced this afternoon that we had to load our bags on the pallets for the flight this afternoon. So, with some last-minute packing, I managed to get my gear all packed and loaded, and found myself with nothing but my carry on, and the prospect of an empty barracks since everyone else was leaving. An offer to split a room at a hotel in Columbia was all I needed to tip the scales and I've now checked in for my last night out for a while. We're off to grab a nice steak dinner. I'll give a longer update tomorrow evening. For now... it's liberty call!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy you're steak dinner and you're night on the town. You deserve it. Good luck and be safe.