Sunday, May 21, 2006

Battery Change

The title of today's post is the front page headline on The Anaconda Times, a weekly newspaper put out by the 3rd Corps Support Command, the organization that runs the base. The full story is on page six, and talks about B Battery, 1-17th Field Artillery, one of the units in the 181st Transportation Battalion. I've linked to this week's issue here, although it might not be available yet. Try later if your first click didn't work! I've also added a permanent link to the sidebar so you can keep up with future issues (or browse for them on the MNC-I website, also linked.) I like it when papers (or TV shows) show you a bit of what the guys do here, because I don't have to worry about whether I'm allowed to say what I say. I also like it because it highlights some of the best of the soldiers here and the variety of jobs they do which all support the team. I really appreciate the great group of men and women that I'm working with. I had a chance to "recharge" my own "batteries" today, sleeping a bit late and only working a half day. I did make another commitment to my already busy schedule when at the end of the church service today they made an announcement that they needed volunteers for the worship team, most especially a keyboard player since their last one left last October. So I'm now the new keyboardist. (They were overjoyed to hear I'd be here a year. Happier than I am at the prospect! *grin*) I hope I'll have time to make the practices! I just finished enjoying another movie at the theater (Goal! The Dream Begins). It's really a rather ornate theater, much better than anything back in the states. Although it has the military base touches (the movie begins with a playing of the national anthem) it's otherwise a luxurious escape from the desert realtiy outside, with marble floors, a balcony with box seats (I tried one of those tonight) and free tickets (the popcorn and coke combo set me back $5.) I'm fully rested and ready to hit the deckplates running tomorrow. Er, there aren't deckplates here. I'll have to find out the Army equivalent!

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