Thursday, May 11, 2006

Come on in, the water's fine!

With a day off, I did some more exploring in Camp Victory, and finally was able to locate the swimming pool in the Australian forces area of the camp (again, a relic of Saddam's palace grounds.) It looked very inviting, but I unfortunately didn't plan ahead and bring a swimsuit so I had to settle for visions of a poolside barbeque (or in Aussie slang, a "barbie"). I did see (not pictured) a few blokes sitting around beachside sipping some (non-alcoholic) brews. They seem a lot more laid back than the American forces. Speaking of water, it's worth noting that the "tap" water here is non-potable. We're warned to not even brush our teeth with it, favoring bottled water instead. Fortunately, there is plenty of that, and I'm led to understand that this camp is actually beginning to produce its own bottled water. Good for them. If things go as planned, my next update should be from somewhere else in the "sandbox". Stay tuned!

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