Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The grass is greener on the other side

I think I'm suffering the same fate as most people back home, trying to work on the Tuesday after a 3-day weekend. All the work that I put off over the last three days has come back to haunt me, so I'm still working late in the office trying to finish up. Or at least partially catch up so tomorrow won't be as ugly as today was. But I'll spare a few minutes to post about something amusing I see every day.

What do you see unusual in the below picture? Hint: it's green.

Did you say grass? Congratulations! You win a free trip Iraq to walk on the only lawn on the base.

I'm really not sure why they have grass growing there... almost every time I walk by there is someone watering it (you can see him in this picture, too). Perhaps it's the fact that it's located at the ROWPU (I think that means Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit) and they're trying to impress people at the purity of their product. Or maybe it's overflow that won't fit into the water tower. In any case, it's actually nice seeing green grass in the middle of a desert. Even if the temperature is 109.

I got my first "care package" today, a small envelope from my mom that only took 6 days to get here. Impressive! I think we're at the mail hub for the whole country... it comes here first. Your results may vary, of course.

The other news of the day is that they finally emptied my office of all the old electronic equipment (copiers, non-working TVs, etc.) that had been in here before. It's now a very large, and even somewhat clean, office. Now to begin decorating the walls...

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