Saturday, May 06, 2006

Time flies when you're zapping flies

Most of today was again spent in training, with the last hour being the worst because something was going wrong with the air conditioning and it was a bit hot. The room temperature read 34 (Celsius), and it wasn't until afterward that we did the math to figure out that was about 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Ouch. It was actually cooler outside. I'm not sure where it came from, but some how a portable bug zapper made its way to my desk early on in the day. It looks like a plastic tennis racket, with a criss-cross of wires where the net would be. There's a button to press to activate it, and a little label which reads, "Do not touch net when red light is on." I, of course, was foolish enough to believe that label. While goofing off and demonstrating to the guy behind me how I could touch the net, I released the button a few seconds before poking my finger into the net and getting my finger zapped. Ow! Everyone had a chuckle at my expense, and the tip of my finger is still a bit numb. I guess even when the light goes out one has to exercise some caution. In happier news, about an hour later I did successfully zap a fly that had been buzzing around my head. There was a nice little spark, and the smell of charred insect wafted around for a few seconds. I think I know what I want to ask Santa for in my Christmas stocking. During lunch today, I made my way over to the "Bazaar", a section off the main exchange where you can buy more "local" items and pretend you're outside of the nice safe camp. There were a lot of interesting things, and I plan to return sometime when I have more time to browse. Since I skipped the DFAC, I decided to patronize a fast food joint for my first time since arriving. I had not known until now that Burger King had a triple whopper. That's the news for today. Off to call my wife and celebrate "Boo Day"!

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