Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Today was a fun day, because we finally got to get some practical training on the gear we'll be responsible for. We all got issued super-tough laptops, and I was in my element doing software installs in a few minutes, and then spending a few hours helping some others who were having difficulty. (Mom, you're not the only one!) I'm really looking forward to the work I'm going to be doing. It will be interesting, somewhat fun, and very important. I realized somewhat belatedly that it was Cinco de Mayo, and didn't take advantage of the taco bar at the DFAC. But it's just not the same without a cerveza or a margarita, both of which were forbidden. I guess I'll just have to find other holidays to celebrate. I'm settling into somewhat of a routine here, which is good for the time being. Time is passing and I'm remaining motivated. I'm still not settled at my final destination, though, so another good thing keeping the time moving is the anticipation of the next stage. It's easier to think of the next few days, or the next week, than try to wrap your brain around the next year. I've explored enough to have figured out all the shortcuts between the places I need to go each day, and am learning new things, too. Like how the Australian contingent here has a swimming pool (and, we suspect, alcohol!) I keep looking for a down-under "mate" to befriend, but haven't seen one yet.


~Di said...

I actually got to enjoy a margarita while in an airport right now, and in honor of you, I had a second and slogged down a few swallows of it at least.

So tell me more about this Australian contingent. How many of them are there? I didn't realize that Australia was as supportive of this whole endeavor. Interesting foo.

And, of course, the really important part... are they tanned and ripped and hot?


Dan said...

I haven't found any Aussies yet. I did talk to our bus driver, who has befriended some, and even attended their parties and imbibed on their alcohol.

Which is why he's driving a bus and no longer part of the General's personal security detail.