Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today was a relatively uneventful work day, but an important milestone for chronic calendar watchers like me. The most important thing is that I got a pay raise! Today is the 18th anniversarry of my commissioning date. Granted, it's not very big of an increase (I'll get a bigger one with the annual inflation adjustment) but it's enough to afford a few "Chocolatos" at the local Green Beans Coffee stand (the military base equivalent of Starbucks!). The other milestone reached today, also affecting pay, is that it's my 31st day in a combat zone, qualifying me for the Savings Deposit Program, a neat benefit where I can invest money at a guaranteed 10% rate of return as long as I'm here. That sure beats most other investment options these days. The weather continues to get hotter and hotter. Today it was supposed to be 104, but I think it may have exceeded that. And although it is very dry, there must be water somewhere to support the mosquito population. Or whatever it is that is eating me alive. I finally asked around enough to find out that garlic tablets are supposed to help (although they take a few days to kick in.) Even if they don't help repel mosquitos, they're good for my heart! That's it for today. "Over the Hedge" opens over here tomorrow, so I may try to get a movie night in...

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