Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hot, hotter, hottest

I thought when it was 104 two days ago that it was hot. I thought when it was 106 yesterday that it was hot. Today, it got up to a balmy 109 degrees. Amazingly, it wasn't that bad. Not that bad, of course, until the fact that everyone's air conditioners were running overtime caused the entire base to lose power. Fortunately, everyone had generators that picked up for the "important" electrical loads, but those did not include air conditioning. Fortunately, that problem should not recur tomorrow. We're all talking about breaking out our jackets as a cold spell comes through with a forecast high of only 94. Other than relying on sunlight for work during the afternoon (not a problem) and running a few extension cords around to power up important things, it was an uneventful day. I remained busy, and I got a lot done, and I'm really learning a lot about how business gets done here. It's actually pretty exciting, and I'm amazed at how smoothly such a complicated process goes. Country music fans will be pleased to know that Toby Keith is coming out here to perform next weekend. I think I'll attend!

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