Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Biting Truth

Ironic that the day after I mention a lack of problems with bugs, I end up getting several little bugbites. Little, but itchy and annoying. Looks like time to start using more of my bug spray.

We were also issued some chemical treatment for our uniforms that I hadn't used yet, because I hadn't felt the need. I've gone ahead and used it on a pair of uniforms to see if it does any good. Most of the people here I've mentioned it to haven't had very high hopes for it.

I was unsuccessful in my bid to avoid learning the result of the Navy vs. Air Force game. One of the West Point grads who I work with also attends church with me and spilled the beans without hesitation on our handshake of greeting. I'm sure his motivation was just to brag about how handily Army beat VMI. Regardless, the game was still enjoyable to watch, although the announcers consistently implied that the winner would win the Commander-in-Chief's trophy, completely dismissing Army's chances. I think that was probably a bit over the top. What was not over the top was the picture of the trophy that I inserted into my weekly brief to the commander, adding the verbal comment, "In case you don't recognize it because it's been so long since Army has had it, this is the Commander in Chief's trophy."

It's going to get ugly as The Game approaches...

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