Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sheep and Goats

I had an oddly surreal moment today walking back to work from lunch (Cajun week continued with jambalaya!) as I passed a sheep tied to a post near one of the stores where local nationals have set up shop.  How or why a sheep was on base I don’t know and don’t think I want to know.  A few people made a comment that it looked not unlike the Navy mascot, Bill the Goat (complete with curling horns) and perhaps this was an early Army-Navy prank to steal Bill and ship him to Iraq.  Not likely.


Speaking of Navy Football, today was their annual game against Air Force, and although the game is no doubt over by now, it won’t be televised here until tomorrow afternoon, so I’m trying to avoid finding out the result.  So no blog comments about it for a day, please!  I did try to get some of my Army colleagues cheering against Air Force, but didn’t have much success, even when I promised to root for them against VMI today.  So much for the joint rivalry against the Zoomies.


The weather is really starting to cool off, especially at night.  Of course, with the more livable weather, bugs that had decided to hide for the hot summer have made their reappearance.  But garlic tablets (and lots of garlic in my stir fry) seems to be doing the trick of keeping me mostly bite free.  I hope it keeps up.

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