Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Driving me batty

I mentioned a few days ago about the rearrangement of furniture in the office.  One unfortunate side effect of that was the shortening of our “putting green”.  Fortunately, my office-mate spent a short time today sawing a new hole in the floor and plugging up the old one, so we were able to relocate the green and regain the full length of the putt.


Not only that, but recently our staff finished a driving range just outside the office!  Okay, not a range, really… just a small square of artificial turf, a tee, and a large net to catch the drives.  Still, if putting isn’t enough to relieve stress, you can always grab a driver and go out and hit a bucket of balls.


Taxpayers will be glad to hear that these distractions really aren’t used that often; at least as rarely as the ever-present smoke breaks.


The other interesting thing around the office is the fact that it’s October, and people are in a Halloween mood.  Someone has a rubber bat that hangs (upside down) from the ceiling.  It has been moving around from room to room each day, finding a new home.  I would say it was the highlight of each day figuring out where the bat moved to, but I don’t think I can lie that well.


Tuesday night here, I got to watch “Monday Night Football.”  Even knowing the outcome (yay!) it was still an exciting game to watch.  Go Broncos!  I’m really looking forward to next week’s annihilation of the Raiders…

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