Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The definition of imminent

About two months ago, my laptop started giving me a warning that hard drive failure was imminent, and that I should back up my data immediately. It was nice to get the warning, but admittedly after using the machine without major problems for a few months, I had started to ignore them.

So it came as quite a surprise last night when my hard drive failed. Blue is a lovely color unless it's the famous "blue screen of death." Ah, well, can't say I wasn't warned. And I even know that the "next time" I should have about two months to back up my data. (This is the same sort of experimenting I do with the gas tank warning light, much to the frustration of my wife.)

Fortunately for me, the PX has a really nice system at a really low price. With no tax, even. Guess I need to put that tax free salary toward something...

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