Saturday, October 07, 2006

A taste of home

I remarked on my first few days here how much I liked the dining facility.  It’s rather large, and has many options available every day.  There’s the main course, the grill line (burgers, dogs, etc.), stir fry, taco bar, pasta bar, salad bar, and then a line called “Romeo’s Café” which has a hodgepodge of things.  Usually it’s leftovers from the previous meal if they didn’t get rid of them all, but occasionally there are gems.  I like Cajun food, especially when my wife cooks it, and today I enjoyed shrimp gumbo… both at lunch and dinner!  Good stuff.  There was some shrimp etouffee a few days ago which was also pretty good.


The end-of-week crunch is hitting again, but it’s a good thing.  Another week is down.  Work is good.  Boredom is bad.


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