Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fall back

It’s been a few days since I posted, mainly because the internet was down for a while.  As great as the convenience of internet in my room is, it’s not quite up to the same reliability standards as my home ISP.  Still, it’s well worth it for the 95% of the time that it is up.


As I mentioned Saturday, we did roll our clocks back an hour on Sunday, giving me an extra hour of sleep.  That wasn’t enough for me (actually, I stayed up late chatting with my wife!) so I took the advantage of the slow work-day on Sunday to take an afternoon nap, as well.  That rest did me good, and I’m finally back feeling great after my latest bout of whatever bug was going around.


The switch off of Daylight Saving Time is very noticeable, as the sun is setting around 6pm now, instead of 7pm.  It’s been quite different walking to and from dinner in darkness today.  And when I say darkness, I really mean dark.  While there is light around some of the buildings, a lot of the pathways are not lit at all.  I need to replace the battery in my flashlight and remember to start carrying it around with me.  Despite my care, I’ve still almost tripped over a curb and a few other objects.  At least the moon’s getting brighter this time of month.


I had the pleasure of watching Navy have one of their best games ever against Connecticut on Saturday.  Based on Army’s rather dismal performance against Rice, I get to turn the gloating tables around this week with my deputy commander.


And, as a final note, the weather is definitely cooling off.  Highs are only making it up to the 90’s now, instead of the constant 100-plus temperatures I’ve dealt with for the last four months.  I guess I’m entering one of the more comfortable times of the year.  People are warning of chilly days to come in the winter.



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Anonymous said...

It was about this time that my husband asked for his poly pro's the last time he was there.

Just found your blog and will continue to check back...always look forward to the Navy perspective!