Thursday, October 12, 2006

Halfway home!

If you’ve been watching the counters at the top of this blog, you’ll have noticed the “time deployed” number getting a lot closer to the “time remaining” number, which is marching steadily downward.  Today the numbers will cross, and I’ll officially be on the downhill side of the deployment.


That, of course, is also the “worst case” estimate.  As always seems to happen on deployments, there are consistenly rumors about early returns, but as is always the guidance, you never believe them until they’ve happened.  So things might be a lot better than half.  But no matter what, I have less time remaining on this deployment than the time I’ve been gone and that’s a nice landmark to celebrate.


Speaking of landmarks, it rained today, the first time I’ve seen precipitation since my first week in Baghdad back in May.  Sure, it only lasted about 5 minutes, but it’s a clear sign that summer is over and cooler days are ahead.


I’m actually not looking toward the end date of the deployment just yet.  It’s still a long way off.  Better to focus on is the fact that I’m about a month away from my planned R&R leave, and that is exciting enough for a short term goal.  And by the time I’ve gone and returned from that, I’ll be looking at an even shorter calendar ahead of me.  All this is a Good Thing™. 



Hugh Harper said...

It is always good to get to the 1/2 way mark. Just wait until you get to be a short-timer. Of course, you can always extend.
By the way, does this new unit want any magazines? If so get me a contact person.

Bubblehead said...

It's always good news when your "happiness factor" goes greater than one. Stay safe over there!