Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blogger Search Engine

I had the pleasure today of meeting up with Mike, who blogs at The Chronicles of Narmya. He had some other business to do on this base so I made sure he stopped by before I move elsewhere. We didn't have that much time to chat, since I had a training meeting to attend (Mike sat through it as well) but we did exchange a few pleasantries afterward and decided to take a picture together, which he's posted on his blog. One of my former hobbies (and future when my son is old enough to play along) is Geocaching. It's billed as "the sport where you are the search engine." Essentially, people hide goodies somewhere in the world in a "cache" and then post the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates (latitude and longitude) on the internet and invite others to find the treasure. The standard rule is "take something, leave something". Shortly after arriving here, I did a search for local caches and found out there was one in the old Russian T72 tank parked near the building where I work (for a short while longer, at least), appropriately named "Old War Horse." As Mike and I posed to document his visit, I mentioned the cache and was pleasantly surprised to find out he has done some geocaching as well. I gave him a few hints and he located the stash.

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