Friday, August 25, 2006

Jumping Beans

Early last month (has it been that long?) I posted a note about how I'd spent a lot of time "counting beans". At some point about a month ago, I was very certain that I knew exactly how many beans were in everyone's little sack, according to various computerized databases. Well, someone pointed out to me earlier this week that the numbers were off. So one of today's projects was digging into the details, down to serial numbers (which I mentioned were sometimes mind-numbingly close to each other) of these beans. Sure enough, one person was short one bean and another person had an extra bean. And, amazingly enough, it was the same serial numbered bean. I'm positive it was in the proper "sack" last month. Who knows how it moved. I suppose that's just one of life's little mysteries. And now I have a project for tomorrow. Getting the bean moved back to the right person's sack. Oh, the joy and excitement.

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reddog said...


My name's Dave, Qm3/SS on the old 575, separated 10/78. I found you on the 'Phibian's site. If you wanted to stay anonymous you shouldn't have used the word periscope in your blog title.

I narc'd you out to the unofficial sub bloggers welcome wagon guy, bothenook. He'll probably be around. Most of these guys are nukes, they think since they know a little bit about one thing, they must therefore know everything about everything. Their hearts are in the right place though.

I'll be checking you out regularly.

Seeya swabbie!