Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekend warrior

Ah, the weekend is finally here. Time is zipping by. Today was a lot better than yesterday. I arrived early, had my coffee cup ready, and even got a doughnut which was part of a birthday cake someone made for an officer on our staff. I had a productive afternoon, felt like I did some useful work but didn't have so much to do that I couldn't relax. And I'll be able to enjoy much of a day off tomorrow... and still do a little bit of work. There never really is a weekend here. But the good thing about being in a combat zone is that nobody expects a weekend, and you feel successful taking a half day off. Ah, such is the good life. The one bad thing for the day is that the air conditioner in my office is acting up, dripping water inside the room! We've wedged a brush underneath it to tilt it and hopefully drain that water outside, so hopefully that fixes the problem. I don't think I could handle a day without air conditioning!

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theprez98 said...

We recorded a temperature of 134 degrees F yesterday at the TMC. Today seems about as bad. A/C is a must!