Sunday, August 27, 2006

Google Vote

My main accomplishment today was doing my civic duty and completing my absentee ballot for the Florida primary election in 9 days. Given a 7 day mailing timeframe, I probably am pushing it too close, but I had no idea who most of the candidates were and had been putting off doing the research. Thanks to the internet, though, getting that information is easy these days. I was able to google most candidates' names and find their campaign websites, getting enough information to actually make an informed choice. I was amused at some of the things candidates posted, such as the breed of their pet dog. The signs went up yesterday to sell my TV, DVD player, and bike. The TV and DVD went quickly... perhaps I priced them too low? But really, I only asked what I paid for them so I can't complain. So now it's just the bike... which I'd give away if someone bought the helmet and lock! But I've been informed the bike might be useful at my next base, so now I'm pondering if there's a way of shipping it there. Tomorrow, I guess I'll make a field trip to the post office and inquire.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the "new" scenery will be interesting for awhile! Also, getting your 'new' digs fixed up nice will eat up some more days, although the effort to do so can be frustrating.

Anyway, good luck in your move!

Love from your Godmother