Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Not much to comment on today, as it was much the same as the previous 120 days I've spent in Iraq. But who's counting. I did learn a new bit of Army terminology today, amusingly on my way to lunch (where we had no paper for a second consecutive day!) I posted last month about Class IV barrier material, showing pictures of the new, taller barriers around my housing area, and most recently the DFAC. They are, apparently, called T-walls. Presumably because they are an upside-down T. The shorter version that I used to have are, oddly enough, called "Texas Barriers." I asked how they got that name and immediately one of the shorter, wider barriers was pointed out to me. "What's that?" I was asked... the answer, "A jersey barrier." And thus I had my answer. Texas barriers are like Jersey barriers, only bigger. Now you know.

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