Friday, August 11, 2006

Just another manic Friday

There are some days that you wish you could just go back to bed. Today has been shaping up to be one of those. For starters, I overslept, so I had to rush in my preparation. I did arrive at my office just in time to grab my coffee cup, fill it up, and head to the long run of Friday meetings. Except that my coffee cup was nowhere to be found. And I didn't have enough time to search for it. I attempted to make do with a can of coke, but the caffeine content isn't even close. So during a break in the meetings, I searched around, and managed to locate my coffee cup. And then walked to the room where I usually fill it up, but it was empty. So I went to another backup place. But I was so tired and sleepy and non-caffeinated that I ended up walking past it and stopping a few doors later wondering why I was walking that way. I turned around to head back, and for some odd reason, walked back into the conference room for the meeting, completely forgetting to fill my coffee! I really must have a short attention span. Meetings were successful, including my presentation to the Commanding General, although there was a lot of waiting and sitting around to get things done. And just as I was settling down thinking I had had a successful day, I picked up my glasses and realized I had broken one of the hinges. Yeah, I knew this nice, fragile rimless set wasn't going to make a year in a war zone, but the actual moment of discovering brokenness (and having to switch to my army-issued backup pair) is depressing. Blah! (On the bright side, I think it might be fixable with super glue.) At least another week is over, and the deployment counter says I'm more than a third of my way through this thing! And, I get to have a "real" car for the weekend, since enough of the people who get to have the cars are traveling that it falls into my hands for a few days! I just better make sure I get my coffee before trying to drive anywhere.

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