Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sundays just got harder

Another Sunday come and gone, marking yet another week. It does seem that the weeks tick by with some regularity. Far better to mark those off the calendar than days, which drag on, or months, which are a bit too long to keep track of. Maybe there's something to that "7 items in your short term memory". At least a payday is coming up. Not that payday has much meaning here. I don't really need much money to get by. Food and lodging is paid for. Even gas is free, although I don't have a vehicle to fill up. I mostly keep track of it as a day not to go to the finance office, since it's crowded. Although the last time I went on a non-busy day it seemed to take forever. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong and I should go on payday when there are more people helping out and things move more efficiently. Speaking of busy days, Sundays are about to become more hectic for me. You may recall that shortly after I arrived here, there was a need for a keyboard player on the praise & worship team at church. I volunteered. I've been playing every Sunday. Well, it turns out that just about everybody else on the team.... well, scratch that. Everybody else on the team is leaving within the next two to six weeks. I'm the only continuity. So today I met with the current leader to discuss "turnover". I'm hoping it's a temporary thing, and as the new people come in to replace all the people departing, that there will be some volunteers for the team (since I can play, but certainly can't sing!) and that some will be senior enough to take over leadership. I guess the good news is that 90% of the congregation is leaving, too, so at least if I'm by myself there won't be that many more people to perform for! Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out. Yes, there was a pun intended there.

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