Monday, August 07, 2006

Recounting the beans

Today was uneventful. It's been a month since the really accurate count of the various types of beans was submitted to the master bean counters, so today I spent much of my time making sure all the beans that were supposed to still be there were still there. Fun stuff. Really. Yawn. Since the day was filled with such exciting number crunching, I decided to take up a fellow Navy officer's offer to drive over to the other side of the base and eat at the other DFAC there. It was the same food (not even as good, actually!) but it was nice just having a change of scenery. It was interesting looking around at all the people and thinking that they might spend a whole year on the same base as the people I work with, and never meet any of them. There really are two main halves of the base, and lots of people stick to one side or the other. I did note with a smile that football was on the TV during dinner... the Hall of Fame Game. Yay! Football season! I know I'll be seeing my family again sometime during the season, and I can count the weeks. (It was very unfortunate that one of the teams playing was the Raiders, and even more unfortunate that they won the game. Grr.)

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