Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time flies when you're watching polls

The lunch table talk today was yesterday's primary election in Connecticut, which most of you have no doubt been following as well. Senator Lieberman is actually pretty popular among most of the guys I've talked to, which have included both Republicans and Democrats. I think the majority of us agreed that a (pipe dream) McCain-Lieberman ticket would be a great presidential run. But I digress. I mentioned a few days ago that I was glad football season was starting, since it's a countable number of weeks until I see my family again. This is also the third deployment I've been on since I got married, where I was able to follow the political news running up to an election, and enjoy reading polls and trying to make my own predictions. The previous ones were 2000 and 2004, presidential election years. This year will probably be very interesting, with talk of the balance of power shifting in congress. The Lieberman campaign will be interesting as well. Speaking of elections, I got my ballot for the upcoming Florida state primary election in September! (Yes, I'm officially a Florida resident. Coincidentally, they don't charge state income tax.) Unfortunately, I'm supposed to choose among a bunch of judges that I know nothing about. I guess I'll have to spend a little time doing some research on them. At least a few of them were nice enough to send me their campaign literature in the mail as well.

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