Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I've turned over most of my duties here, holding on to a few of them simply because if I didn't have anything to do I'd go crazy. But I've also already been in touch via email with the people at my new location and am already getting work done there, even without moving. I tried to float the idea of continuing working from afar, but that didn't fly very far. Then again, I wasn't totally serious. I've already floated the idea of going home and working from there, and that one got shot down pretty quickly as well. Such a shame that they don't want to try innovative working arrangements! I've already dispatched a box of my stuff to my new base through the postal service, and will probably do a lot more tomorrow. Fortunately for me, the military mail service is free sending things from an APO box to another APO box. I'm trying to reduce my "carry on" baggage for the flight to the absolute minimum. One worry that just cropped up.. the laundry I put in Monday that was supposed to be back today wasn't! I sure hope it arrives tomorrow...

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reddog said...

Good luck with your move and the new location. Too bad they wouldn't let you telecommute. The Nav can have funny ideas about that kind of stuff. I had a similar idea in the summer of '76. The XO was not impressed.

If you need anything or if I can run any errands for you in the So Cal area, just let me know.