Friday, September 01, 2006


I checked out of my room, hauled 200 pounds of stuff on and off various buses to get to the air terminal at a very dark hour of the morning, and was finally sitting on the plane relaxing and preparing for my flight to the new base when everyone found out there was a change of plans, and the plane had to go elsewhere. So I had to do the reverse, hauling all my bags on and off various means of transportation to my office. No place to sleep, but it doesn't matter, as my follow up flight is even earlier... early enough to just stay awake for. Since I had already said my goodbyes, and wasn't even supposed to be here, I decided to skip out of all the meetings today. I did catch a nice afternoon nap in a borrowed room, and grabbed not just one, but two movies at the base theater, since the new base won't have one. (I highly recommend Invincible.) So we'll try this again. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more interesting news!

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At you don't have to wait to have your carry on luggage checked!