Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Inside out, outside in

One of the interesting features of my office is that it's outside. Well, not really... but it is in an area of the building that used to be an outdoor courtyard, but has been turned into a nice, secure indoor room complete with a plywood floor.

The main advantage of such a false floor is that it allows us to do what nobody else can do in the building: have a hole with a cup sunk into it as part of a nice putting green. There are even a collection of golf balls and putters there. I've done my share of practicing (it putts fast). I consistently sink 1 of the 6 putts I try, but the record is six in a row, so I have a long way to go. At least I have a long time left to improve.

I did succeed today in getting internet access wired to my room! Someone a few trailers down has a satellite system that I'm now sharing with 24 people... not bad, really. Slow, but the convenience beats having to hike all the way to the MWR, and I can access all those sites (like my own blog) that the military system blocks.

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