Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mail Call

Today's highlight was receiving a lot of mail! Most of it, of course, was stuff that I mailed myself from Balad. Interestingly, some boxes sent last Tuesday arrived at the same time as some boxes sent Thursday. Of course, not all boxes sent Thursday arrived. So I get to look forward to more mail later this week.

I did also get a mini care package (thanks, Slu!). Speaking of which, I really don't think I need anything else, but if you are dying to send me some nice-to-haves, then contact me for my new mailing address.

I'm already staying very busy and enjoying the new base and new job. Some things are better here, some aren't as nice, but on balance, I think I prefer being here. We'll see if that assessment lasts beyond the first week.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,
Please email your new address to henryv@heska.com
with a few have-to-have ideas.

Mom and I enjoy your blog.

Take care,