Friday, September 08, 2006

Flies fly when you're having fun

Al Asad is at a slightly higher altitude (I think about 1000 meters, something above 3000 feet) than Balad, and thus the weather seems to be a bit cooler here. Or, it could just be the fact that Summer is drawing to a close. In any case, it has not been unbearably hot here yet.

mosquitoes have not been a problem here yet, but one thing I am learning to contend with are flies. Not that many, really, just one or two at any given time, but they are very persistent little bugs. They aren't even scared when you wave them away, they just dodge and then zoom back in. I wish I had that bug-zapping swatter that I played with in Baghdad... at least there the flies would run away from you.

Mail came in today, and I got the last of the boxes I sent myself from Balad, as well as a nice little note from Mom postmarked a week ago. (Yep, looks like 1 week is still a good prediction for mail delivery times.) Also, I finished figuring out all the information I needed to at least maintain the "status quo" in my current job. I can finally finish the settling in process and get started on doing things bigger and better. Fun, fun, fun!

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