Friday, September 15, 2006


I think it’s a universal problem for any corporation that the information technology folks are not well liked.  It’s not much different in the Army.


I had my government-issued laptop that I had brought here from Balad, where it had been working fine on the network.  Of course, the Army in its infinite wisdom decided that they would run a different network at a different base.  And although I’m sure that they could simply change appropriate configuration settings, the preferred method of setting up a new computer is to simply re-image the hard drive to a “clone” of one that’s allegedly set up properly for the network.


I turned in my computer the day I arrived… 12 days ago, if you’re counting.  I finally got it back today after a series of complaints from various levels of the Department of Information Management (DOIM) that alleged my hard drive was broken.  The story when I got it back was that they managed to “fix it.”  Right.  I’m sure, most likely, they just finally figured out how to access what had been working the whole time.


The good news is that they restored all my high-speed drivers that had been wiped out back in Balad in the previous iteration of DOIM-imaging.  So I actually have a smoothly running machine on my desk again.

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