Monday, September 04, 2006

Chameleon Boots

I mentioned yesterday about the lighter color of the dust here and how it shows up as white splotches on my boots. As the days have passed, my entire boots have appeared to become lighter in color. In fact, comparing to others, and to some "brand new" boots at the PX, it appears they're actually closer to the original color now. It seems the darker color that they had been was due to the darker sand at other bases. That's a nice camouflage effect.

I tweaked some settings to try to make email posts read nicer for you. If they worked well, this post should be formatted nicely. Unfortunately, most previous posts might appear with paragraph breaks removed, and text run together in a single paragraph. But who needs paragraph breaks, anyway?

I got all my email accounts up and running, and already am working on some crisis management tasks. It's good to be needed! Although I am already missing the more direct involvement I had with the troops at my old job. I'm still doing good things, but mostly from a comfortable desk.

As a final note, the College Football season started this weekend. I watched (tape delayed) Navy defeat East Carolina. It was an exciting game. I was also pleased to see that Army lost their opening game. No doubt this is an example of how the rest of the season will play out. There are a few West Pointers on the staff here, and I've been given due warning of bad things to come when Army loses in December. Note that I said when, not if.

Besides being the lone Navy fan on the staff, I appear to be alone in my support for the NFL's Denver Broncos. Currently I've identified Seahawk, Patriot, and Redskin fans. Fortunately nobody around here is a Raiders fan, and I plan to keep it that way!

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of college football, the Buffs of Colorado University were beaten by (of all people) Montana State!!
Next week they play CSU at the Mile High Satdium.
Be safe and God Bless