Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dust in the Wind III

Oops. Things have gotten a little busy the past couple of days, and I forgot to do yesterday's post. Ironic that as soon as I get internet in my room and can easily post daily, I end up not taking the time to post.

Today was the first time in the last few months that I've enjoyed a high temperature below 100 degrees. It only hit 98 in the heat of the day. More importantly, it was a quite comfortable 80-something on my trip to and from work in the morning and evening, respectively. It's getting quite dark at night, with the new moon approaching, but the stars are beautiful to look at.

While walking home today, a whirlwhind of dust swirled up right in front of me... a little mini tornado. Quite the impressive sight to see. It blew along for about 100 yards or so and then dissipated. That prompted me to write about a rather famous dust storm that hit Al Asad back in April, 2005. Some pictures are here, although you can locate a few more using Google.

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