Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cutting it too close

One of the first things I mentioned about Al Asad was that it was a Marine base, primarily.  While there’s a significant Army (and even Navy, mostly Seabee) presence here, Marines are plentiful.  And I think they have different haircut standards than the Army.  They tend to cut their hair shorter, the famous “high and tight.”


I made the mistake today of going to the barber, and answering my usual “just trim it short around the ears and back”.  When you’re going as bald as I am, you really don’t put much thought into how to order up your haircut.  You just sit in the chair and take what’s coming.  It’s not like there’s much hair to do anything with.


Well, today’s $3 cut with the above instructions got me a nice Marine high and tight.  Well, at least the tight part, since I don’t have the high part to back it up.  I think it looks a little odd, but nobody else seems to think it’s that bad.  At least it keeps my head more cool as the hot days are coming back briefly.

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Kym said...

Hi Dan,

I received an email from Richard Pietrzak. He is the Uncle of the wife of CPT Ian Weikel. He would like to get in touch with you and asked me to forward your email to you. I "thought" I saved your address in my address book but I guess I didn't. If you will forward it to me, I will forward the email to you.

Thanks, I hope all is well.

Take Care,