Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bean Counting

Today's post will be short and sweet, because I'm taking a brief break from counting beans. Well, not actually beans, but that doesn't really matter. I've spent most of the afternoon and evening reconciling inventories among the Army's various supply tracking systems. It's rather frustrating having to deal with different people who maintain the same inventory in completely different systems, neither of whom talk to the other. And, of course, the higher-ups ask the question why the two inventories sometimes don't match. I also took a break earlier in the evening to catch the movie "Click." The premise is a man who gets a universal remote control that lets him fast-forward through the parts of his life that he doesn't like. (Like, I'd love to skip to the end of the Iraq tour and be back home!) In the movie, of course, he misses all the good things in life as well... I think I'd still like to skip to the end of this Iraq movie! Anyway, back to the boring, frustrating, and tireless work of counting beans.

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