Sunday, December 10, 2006

Always moving forward

Today I had a few errands to run, and borrowed some wheels, in particular a golf-cart sized vehicle made by a company called Polaris.  (They, and the Gator brand are popular.)  It’s a much better alternative than tooling around in a Humvee (which requires an “assistant driver”) or waiting for the bus, which doesn’t go everywhere and you have to wait for it a lot when it does go somewhere.


One thing I didn’t realize until I had nosed the vehicle into a parking spot, completed my errand, and prepared to leave, was that the reverse gear on the thing was broken.  It only goes forward.  While that’s a great motto for a motivational speech, it’s not really ideal for a vehicle.


I ended up pushing the thing backwards, occasionally adjusting the steering wheel, enough to make room to drive out frontward, with the occasional offer of help from a passerby.  Fortunately it’s much lighter than a car and I didn’t need the assist.  I’ll have to park more carefully the next time I use it.

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