Thursday, December 28, 2006


It’s down right chilly outside right now. I think Iraq uses the Celsius scale, so I would be correct if I said the temperatures were subzero. They’re actually in the upper teens on the Fahrenheit scale, but down to single digits with wind chill (and we get a lot of wind here).

The Christmas holiday sure did help time fly by. It seems I just blinked and another week has passed. I’m hoping a similar thing will happen for the New Year. There are a few celebrations planned, and it will be nice to start looking at dates with a year in which I’m going to return home. And have another child. And start a job search. Yikes…. Lots is coming up in 2007, and I barely remember what I did in 2006. While I’m enjoying the rapid pace of time as I get through this deployment, it would be really nice to slow down once I get back home, so I can enjoy a lot more. I guess that will be one of my resolutions for the new year.

I’m enjoying both the college and pro football seasons as they draw to a close. My picks for the Bowl Games aren’t doing to well, especially after UCLA’s loss yesterday, but at least the Broncos have a really strong shot at making the playoffs. And of course Navy will play in the Meineke Bowl on Saturday, and I hope that will be an exciting game. I’ll even try to get some of my Army friends to cheer for the only service academy in a bowl game. (Some of them are still sore over their loss earlier, so it’s tough.) Go Navy! Go Broncos!

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