Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Special Deliveries

As Christmas draws closer, the post office workers are getting exceptionally busy. On the bright side, "mail call" is taking on a new meaning as people pay closer attention to when the packages are delivered, and fight for the honor of collecting packages for their department so they can get all the thank you's as they hand out goodies.

Lots of people are getting care packages every day, and are of course sharing the goodies. Not only are there packages addressed to individuals, but lots of "Any Soldier" packages are arriving as well.  I think I have enough chewing gum to last me a year.

We're also getting several Christmas cards per day, all thanking us for our service. It's heartwarming reading them and knowing people are taking the time to let us know how much we're appreciated. As unpopular as the war itself may be back home, I get the feeling that those of us serving here are still very much appreciated for doing our jobs. Thanks for the affirmation, those of you who send it. It means a lot.

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