Friday, December 08, 2006

Furious Friday

TGIF really has lost its meaning for me at my current staff, as Friday ends up being one of my busiest days.  It’s nice to really appreciate the weekend (or half of one) when it finally arrives, but even Mondays don’t compare.  At least I know I can count down a relatively small number of Fridays remaining.


I’m already working on getting back into the swing of my permanent job teaching.  Not by doing any high speed master’s level stuff, though.  One of the soldiers in my office is taking an online Algebra course, and I’ve volunteered to help tutor him.  It’s a blast from the past trying to remember stuff I haven’t done since the 8th and 9th grades.  Yeah, both those years.  I had to repeat that class.  Odd that I ended up specializing in a mathematical discipline.  At least it’s good motivation for the soldier I’m helping.


In case you were keeping track of my weather prediction of a few days ago, it still hasn’t rained, and isn’t forecast to do so for quite some time.  Global warming, I’m sure.

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